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EnviroGolf – Golf Ball Recycling Solutions

Approximately 1.2 billion golf balls are produced every year and distributed throughout the world. From this production approximately 9.6 million are imported into Australia.

An estimated 300 million golf balls are lost in the US every year. Depending on player status, the balls are used several times before being discarded and rendered of no more value. They are then, in most cases dumped into a bin entering the mainstream rubbish disposal route, or hit into waterways, lakes and oceans as a final practise shot.

These golf ball statistics gives us a huge opportunity to help. The idea came from my love of golf and my passion for the design work that I perform, and my interest in helping the planet. This led me to ask questions and look for alternative design ideas, hence how I came up with a Recycling Solution – a business that will instigate the safe disposal of the used golf ball.

If you are a golf club or a golf club member and are interested in more details about how this could work for your club, please contact us today for more details.

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